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Optical analysis and SEM

Petrographic Services

Petrography BasaltOptical petrography can be used for identification of rocks and minerals, mineral relationships, fabric and texture within rocks and the origin/evolutionary history (petrogenesis).
This technique is widely used in the mining and manufacturing industries where it complements X-Ray Diffraction and other techniques.

Our services include:

  • Preparation of thin and polished sections
  • Petrographic descriptions and reports
  • Digital Photomicrographs




Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

SEM Rock FabricThe SEM is used to examine the morphology of samples and to identify phases based on qualitative chemical analysis and/or crystalline structure. Precise measurement of very small features and objects down to approximately 50 nm may be achieved. Backescattered electron images can be used for rapid discrimination of phases in multiphase samples and to examine microfabric and crystallographic orientation in many materials.

Some application include:

  • Characterisation of solid materials
  • Confirmation of clay mineralogy
  • Diagenetic studies
  • Grain textural examinations
  • Chemical analysis of very small features i.e. minerals grains, veins, ground mass, alteration products


Particle Sizing

Sand SizingUsed for determining particle size and distribution in samples ranging from coarse grained aggregates (mm) to micron sized powders.  Coarser grained samples are sized using mechanical mesh sieves where as finer grained samples (0.02 µm to 2 mm) are typically measured using a laser particle sizer as a suspension.

Industries using this technique include mining, environmental, engineering, cement, ceramics, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals industries.



Optical Emissions Spectrometry (OES)

Optical Emissions Spectrometry (OES)

OES using arc and spark excitation is the preferred method of determining chemical compositions of metallic samples. The process has been widely adopted in the metals industry i.e. primary producers, foundries, die 

Sietronics offers metals analysis and positive materials identification (PMI) using this technique.casters and manufacturing as a means of obtaining rapid and accurate chemical analysis for alloy and metallic materials.