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Other Analysis Techniques


Particle Sizing

Sand SizingUsed for determining particle size and distribution in samples ranging from coarse grained aggregates (mm) to micron sized powders.  Coarser grained samples are sized using mechanical mesh sieves where as finer grained samples (0.02 µm to 2 mm) are typically measured using a laser particle sizer as a suspension.

Industries using this technique include mining, environmental, engineering, cement, ceramics, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals industries.



Optical Emissions Spectrometry (OES)

Optical Emissions Spectrometry (OES)

OES using arc and spark excitation is the preferred method of determining chemical compositions of metallic samples. The process has been widely adopted in the metals industry i.e. primary producers, foundries, die 

Sietronics offers metals analysis and positive materials identification (PMI) using this technique.casters and manufacturing as a means of obtaining rapid and accurate chemical analysis for alloy and metallic materials.

Diffraction Pattern


Identification and Quantification (Wt%) of minerals, phases and crystalline compounds in a wide variety of geological, chemical and industrial materials.
Clay ID

Clay Analysis

Determination of clay mineralogy and speciation of clay minerals
Periodic Table


Major and trace element analysis, Loss on Ignition (LOI).


Other Techniques

Particle Size Analysis, Scanning Electron, Microscopy (SEM), Petrography.