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About Us

Sietronics Laboratory Services is an Australian owned and operated company that has been in business for over 30 years. We have extensive experience in the identification and quantification of minerals, phases and chemical compounds in rock, cement, corrosion products, manufacturing compounds, by-products, precipitates, residues, etc.

Sietronics Laboratory Services began with an X-Ray Diffractometer to identify geologic materials for the mining and manufacturing industries. Over the years we have acquired a wider range of instrumentation enabling the laboratory to provide a comprehensive range of associated services for the minerals, environmental and manufacturing sectors.

Our client base includes customers from Australia, New Zealand, USA, South Africa, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, India and is continuing to expand.


Our Team

Experienced Professionals.

Our team consists of experienced professionals with many years of experience in XRF, XRD and laboratory operations.
The team cover many disciplines such as geology, environmental science, chemistry, crystallography and gemology.


Key Personnel

Ruth Taylor  (Sample Preparation and Accounts)

Ruth has been involved in sample preparation and operation of Sietronics laboratory equipment for many years. Other duties include administration and some equipment maintenance. Ruth’s background is in Gemology.

Tim Black  (Lab Manager and Mineralogist)

Tim started with Sietronics in 2006. His experience with XRD and XRF combined with an ANU Geology and Earth and Environmental Science Degree, provides a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to assist clients with their needs.

Dr. Sharon Ness (X-Ray Specialist and Special Projects)

Sharon has a PhD from Flinders University in the area of Solid State Chemistry and has worked for many years in the areas of XRD & XRF analysis both in the higher education sector (Director of the Advanced Analytical Centre at JCU) and more recently as the X-ray analytical specialist for Inspectorate.

Luis Thé (Managing Director)

Luis was born in Brazil, and lived in Canada before moving to Australia in the early 1990’s. He has an honours degree in Electrical Engineering from Uni Queensland, and worked in various engineering, sales, project and engineering management and strategic planning roles in Australia and Canada.